Chemtronics Products

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    About Chemtronics

    Chemtronics, a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works (ITW) since 1999, is a leading global provider of specialty chemicals and equipment. The company boasts a workforce of approximately 3200 employees and generates sales of about $800 million. Chemtronics serves customers in over 100 countries, offering an extensive range of innovative solutions to tackle the most significant challenges in the electronics, industrial, aviation, and aerospace markets. The company’s global reach is facilitated by a vast network of distributors and direct sales offices.

    Chemtronics Max-Kleen Tri-V

    Max-Kleen™ Tri-V is a residue-free electronic cleaner that removes soils and common industrial contaminants. It’s an innovative, environment-friendly solvent ideal for various applications, including cleaning medical devices and as a carrier fluid for lubricant coatings.

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    CircuitWorks Conductive Pens

    These pens are great for engineers, repair technicians, and manufacturers seeking swift and reliable solutions. The CircuitWorks Conductive Pen features quick-drying silver traces that adhere remarkably well to a variety of electronic materials.

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    Chemask Peelable Solder Mask

    With its fast curing ability, Chemask® Peelable Solder Mask is a game-changer. Comprising natural latex and high-temperature resistant compounds, it guards the component-free zones during wave soldering.

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    Chemtronics IPA Wipes and Refills

    These wipes excel in touch-up cleaning of automatic printer stencils and thorough cleaning of semi-automatic printer stencils. Choose from C-fold wipes in a dispensing box or pull-through tub options.

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    Konform Conformal Coating

    Konform Conformal Coating is a versatile solution suitable for various application methods like spray, dip tank, or brush. The coating acts as a shield for printed circuit boards, flex circuitry, and components, protecting them from possible damage.

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    Soder-Wick Products

    Soder-Wick, the world’s leading brand of desoldering wick (solder wick, desoldering braid) is the fastest, cleanest and safest wick in the industry. It significantly reduces rework/repair time and minimizes the risk of heat damage to the board.

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