Chemtronics Max-Kleen Tri-V

Chemtronics / Max-Kleen Tri-V

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    Chemtronics Max-Kleen Tri-V

    Max-Kleen™ Tri-V is an extra-strength, nonflammable heavy-duty electronics cleaner, excellent for replacing n-propyl bromide. It removes all types of soils from electronic circuits and relays, along with oils, greases, silicones, and other common industrial contaminants. Used for cleaning medical instruments, implants, and other devices, this solvent also acts as a carrier fluid for silicone-based lubricant coatings. As a true azeotrope, it maintains the same composition in both liquid and vapor phases, avoiding performance changes over time or through reclamation processes.


    • Soil removal from electronic circuits
    • Cleans contacts, relays, switches, and fuse blocks
    • Useful in repair and maintenance cleaning
    • Cleans medical instruments and orthopedic implants
    • Acts as a carrier fluid for silicone-based lubricant coatings

    Features & Benefits:

    • Effectively removes tough soils including oxidized oil and grease
    • Dielectric strength of >30 kV (liquid)
    • Full azeotrope, no harmful or ozone-depleting compounds
    • Nonflammable, no flash point
    • Stabilized for metals, noncorrosive, leaves no residue
    • NSF Registered – Nonfood Compounds / Code K1 and K2

    Specifications: Meets Airbus UK ABR 9-0140, Boeing BSS7432, GE SM2369-10, report #Q40358, GE 70-16-80 Hot Corrosion Test, ARP1755B Stock Loss Test

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