VMI Solutions

Experience enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and stronger supplier relationships. Transform your inventory management into a strategic asset with our VMI supply chain and VMI solutions.

Our VMI Solutions and Cost Savings

Our VMI Solutions significantly reduce landed costs by alleviating time, space, and pain associated with all administrative functions such as material sourcing, procurement, and warehousing. Our customers often experience a 20-30% savings through our vendor managed inventory solutions (VMI). We draw from statistical models that are customized to your unique usage trends. Calculating from a monthly rollback, we select the best model to use going forward. This is re-evaluated on every item every month and adjusted for anomalies. For added support, our VMI Supply Chain specialists are on-site regularly to tell us what historical data cannot, and interact with our customers directly. Finally, we roll-up usage across our entire network of vendors to leverage the most efficient order schedule and competitive price points.

  • Using AI and employee insights for immediate product availability and flexible adjustments.
  • Implementing custom real-time models for product availability aligned with usage patterns.
  • Expert VMI supply chain staff for enhanced product knowledge, manufacturing support.
  • Reducing inventory risks for general products and actively managing specialized items.
  • Streamlining cash flow with point-of-use billing and combined invoicing.
  • 20 to 30% average savings.

Inventory Management and Process Improvement

Our consignment model on non-customer-specific items allows for returnability and brings your inventory investment and obsolescence exposure to zero on commodity items. Any specialized items your processes require will be identified, closely managed, and reported. Consolidated invoicing and a true point-of-use billing system allow customers to concentrate resources on process improvement through up-to-date usage data.

  • Returnability for generic items, eliminating inventory and obsolescence risks.
  • Managed specialized items with detailed reporting.
  • Streamlined invoicing and billing for resource optimization.
  • Access to current usage data for process enhancement.

Statement of Capabilities

View our statement of capabilities to see how CE3S’s Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions can transform your operations. We focus on reducing costs and simplifying the complexities of buying, storing, and managing materials.

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The Value of Our VMI Solutions

The value of our VMI Solutions is evident as clients typically report savings of 20-30%, highlighting the substantial financial benefits. To understand the full extent of what our VMI services can offer, download the PDF detailing the value of our VMI Solutions today.

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Inquire About VMI

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    What to Expect with Our VMI Solutions

    In our partnership’s initial phase, we’ll start by presenting our contract and terms, ensuring full transparency and building confidence in our ability to meet your expectations. Following this, our team will assess the space at your facility, focusing on superior inventory management. We will organize and signpost the allocated location, facilitating easy access for any inquiries. Additionally, our professional VMI Solutions Specialist will regularly visit your site, efficiently managing and tracking inventory with our advanced technology for timely replenishment. Lastly, we provide ongoing account management, including regular reviews and quarterly check-ins, to confirm we meet your needs and offer any required reporting.

    • Present contract for transparency and expectation alignment.
    • Organize space for effective inventory management and access.
    • Periodic VMI Support Specialist visits for inventory efficiency.
    • Regular reviews and check-ins for expectation fulfillment and reporting.

    Incredible Experience

    Since its inception in 1962, CE3S has established itself as a stable and innovative supplier, leveraging its long-standing experience and skilled team to enhance your procurement needs.

    National Reach

    Our international reach, customer-centric approach and family- owned feel enable us to provide a top-tier customer experience.

    Locations Nationwide

    Our company is based in Pennsylvania, USA, and since 1962, has been family-owned and operated.

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