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    VMI Solutions

    Integrated Supply Solutions Specifically Designed for Your Requirements.

    CE3S designed, tested, and implemented a comprehensive supply chain managed solution that is backed by solid analytics and processes.

    CE3S developed numerous integrated supply relationships throughout North America, which spans many industry and customer types. Each of our integrated supply solutions are customized to meet the requirements of the customer.

    CE3S has a proven track record for fast and effective implementation of the customer’s changing manufacturing requirements. From product change-out, to plant floor moves.

    CE3S customized programs to meet your regulatory requirements such as 5S, and HAZMAT labeling.

    CE3S will initially review for product standardization and sampling programs to offer products (form, fit, and function) that is currently available in our integrated supply channel.

    CE3S Inventory Management System

    Decades of inventory management experience has allowed CE3S to combine state-of-the-art computer algorithms, human experience, and in-plant intelligence to virtually eliminate downtime caused by material deficiencies.

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    How Our Management System Works

    We draw from unlimited statistical models that are customized to your particular usage trends. Calculating from a monthly rollback, we select the best model to use going forward. This is re-evaluated on every item every month and adjusted for anomalies. Then we use human intelligence to tell us what historical data cannot. Finally we roll-up usage across our entire network to leverage the most efficient order schedule and best price point.

    With the emergence of online entities and their promises of rapid fulfillment rates and expanding inventories, buyers perceive to have access to more purchasing avenues than ever before. However, CE3S’s supply model is significantly better than the online entities for several important reasons:

    Because of the nature of manufacturing processes supplies do not change in a dynamic nature. When a change is required there is usually an engineering and approval process that must precede the change. CE3S compliments those requirements by utilizing real product knowledge, technical expertise, and the understanding of supply chain dynamics that augment the customer’s manufacturing process. Then we can easily incorporate those parts into our inventory management system.

    Our management systems virtually eliminate the need to even look for parts. The parts are in your facility where and when they are needed.

    CE3S supply chain experience can help to ensure the most durable parts are selected. The lowest priced option may work but care should be exercised to prevent unforeseen or unintended consequences. In the long run, after evaluating performance, there can sometimes be a better, more cost effective alternative.

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