Chemtronics Konform Conformal Coating

Chemtronics / Chemtronics Konform Conformal Coating

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      Chemtronics Konform Conformal Coating

      Chemtronics Konform Conformal Coating is a versatile solution suitable for various application methods like spray, dip tank, or brush. Developed with precision engineering, it finds usage in diverse fields like aerospace, marine manufacturing, electrical equipment, and data communication. The coating acts as a shield for printed circuit boards, flex circuitry, and components, protecting them from possible damage.

      Characterized by excellent electrical insulation properties, these coatings resist hot and cold operating environments, thermal shock, mold, and fungus. From 1100 volts/mil dielectric strengths to their resistance to fragmentation, chipping, or cracking, Konform conformal coatings are robust, transparent, and dependable. Plus, there’s no need for mixing – they’re convenient and ready to use right out of the box.

      Enhancing quality assurance, all Konform conformal coatings feature a UV indicator. Tested meticulously in line with the IPC-CC-830 standard, they demonstrate compatibility with sensitive electronics. Both Konform AR and SR categories qualify for ULT746E, reinforcing their credentials.

      Konform Coatings Resin Categories

      Konform coatings offer two primary resin categories to meet different needs:

      • Acrylic Resin (AR) – Balancing fair elasticity with general protection, these are renowned for their high dielectric strength, resistance to abrasion, and ease of removal.
      • Silicone Resin (SR) – Perfect for safeguarding across a wide temperature spectrum, these coatings provide strong chemical and salt spray resistance. Though removal may require specialized solvents and extended soak time, they assure excellent protection.

      Konform SR-X
      Silicone Conformal Coating

      One-part, clear conformal coating with moisture, corrosion and abrasion resistance

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      Konform AR
      Acrylic Conformal Coating

      UL-certified acrylic conformal coating for insulation against high voltage arcing and shorts

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      Konform SR
      Silicone Conformal

      UL-certified silicone conformal coating for flexibility and protection from extreme temperatures and vibration damage

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