Chemtronics CircuitWorks Conductive Pens

Chemtronics / CircuitWorks Conductive Pens

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    Chemtronics CircuitWorks Conductive Pens

    Create dynamic connections on your circuit boards effortlessly with CircuitWorks Conductive Pens. These pens are the ultimate solution for engineers, repair technicians, and manufacturers seeking swift and reliable solutions. Accelerate your project timelines while minimizing rework with ease. The CircuitWorks Conductive Pen features quick-drying silver traces that adhere remarkably well to a variety of electronic materials. Whether you’re connecting components, repairing defective traces, or creating smooth jumpers, this pen makes it all a breeze.

    Available Types

    Discover three ink types, each tailored for specific applications:

    • Silver Conductive Pen (CW2200STP, CW2200MTP) – A versatile choice, available in standard and micro tip options. Conductivity: 0.02-0.05 ohms/sq/mil
    • Silver Flex Conductive Pen (CW2900) – Specifically formulated for flexible PCBs. Conductivity: 0.05-0.15 ohms/sq/mil
    • Nickel Conductive Pen (CW2000) – A budget-friendly nickel-based option. Conductivity: 1.0 – 1.5 ohms/sq/mil

    Features and Advantages

    • Conductive silver traces form in a flash
    • Valve pen tip simplifies application
    • Solderable at low-heat settings
    • Outstanding electrical conductivity
    • Air-dries swiftly at room temperature
    • Options for both fine and wide lines

    How You Can Use It

    • Trace repairs
    • Component linking
    • Smooth jumper creation
    • Electronic shielding
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