Value Added Solutions

CE3S Value Added Solutions specialize in integrating operations of warehousing and fulfillment services that can be scaled and customized to your needs, based on market conditions, to meet demands and delivery requirements.

Expectations from Our Value Added Solutions

CE3S is your one-stop solution for a multitude of value-added services tailored to meet your unique business requirements. Our diverse offerings encompass assembly services including sealing, bagging, packing, and labeling; converting services to modify and combine a variety of products; custom labeling solutions such as barcode and lot-tracked labeling; custom packaging with options like die-cut foam and Static Shielding Bagging; and specialized services like cable assemblies and laser cutting. We also offer convenient kitting services, providing ready-to-ship assembled parts to save your company’s time, storage, and manpower.

Our Third-Party Logisitic (3PL) Solutions

CE3S’s Third-Party Logistics (3PL) services excel in unifying warehousing and fulfillment operations to streamline your supply chain. Our services are customizable and scalable, adapting to your needs and the ever-changing market conditions, ensuring your demands and delivery timelines are met. Our 3PL services go beyond conventional logistics. We cover many solutions, including procurement to secure quality goods, pick and pack services, and efficiently handling project rollouts. Our offering also encompasses retail logistics for a seamless retail supply chain, comprehensive warehousing for the safe storage of goods, and proficient distribution systems for punctual deliveries.

  • Cost and time savings
  • Low Capital commitment
  • No Storage Space Needed
  • Shortened supply chain
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Customer Focus
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Increased Capacity
  • No time investment in training unskilled workforce
  • Less SKUs for you to track

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