Hakko FX-971 Soldering Station

Hakko / FX-971 Soldering Station

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      Hakko FX-971 Soldering Station

      The Hakko FX-971 Soldering Station is the latest bench top soldering station to come from Hakko. Minimizing footprint to maximize benchtop workspace. This 100W station brings the power to both a standard and micro handpiece. Able to provide a 15-degree angle tilt, a new holder for tip removal and storage, the FX-971 also works with the new Hakko Control Software, all this and more backed by the Quality, Reliability, and Power you’ve come to expect from Hakko.

      The New HAKKO FX-971 Soldering Station is the next generation of soldering, bringing together precision and innovation with the quality, reliability, and power Hakko is known for. A 100W station with a minimal footprint to maximize your workbench space, both a standard and micro handpiece, and an all-new holder for removing and storing tips. This new designed soldering station provides operators with a 15-degree face tilt, large LCD, multi-button functionality, and connects to the new Hakko Control Software.

      Hakko FX-971 Features

      • 100W
      • Wide Temperature range
      • Temperature Range
      • Micro handpiece
      • 15-degree tilt
      • Built-in tip storage and tip removal
      • No sleep cable
      • Wireless IR Offset Feature (FG100B, FG101B)
      • Stackable
      • Large LCD

      Hakko Control Software

      • Record Temperature Data
      • Set Parameter settings
      • Intuitive User Interface
      • Save and Record Parameter profiles for improved process control
      • USB connectivity


      The Hakko FX-9701 is the new Standard Handpiece for the FX-971 Soldering Station. An ergonomic, lightweight, 100w handpiece with over 60 tip varieties. The FX-9701 perfectly accompanies the new FX-971 esthetics and no longer requires the interchanging of grips. The FX-9703 IS THE NEW Micro Soldering Handpiece for the FX-971 Soldering Station. A precision micro soldering iron with quick recovery time and 100w of power. This micro handpiece is ideal for soldering tiny components or soldering under a microscope. 8 different tips to handle different components, the FX-9703 Micro Handpiece is the latest in innovation for micro soldering.

      Hakko Control Software

      The New Hakko Control Software allows the operator to store and load multiple parameter settings for tighter process control and set profiles, parameters, and tip temperature. With the new Hakko Control Software, the operator can also record tip temperature data, record tip offset measurements, and read a real time temperature graph data from a PC.

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