Treston Spacemisers – Rotating Bin Cabinets

Treston / Rotating Bin Cabinets

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      Spacemisers – Rotating Bin Cabinets

      Freestanding turntable rotating bin cabinets take up very little floor space, but help maximize the capacity to store different kinds of parts. The units come in many sizes, and models are available both for small-parts cabinets and for storage bin cabinets, which are larger. The type of bin cabinet can be chosen based on the user’s own needs, and these must be ordered separately. A bench-top version is also available. Turntable units are suitable for use in spaces such as production facilities, stores, and warehouses.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • The small-parts turntable unit takes up only 2.7 sq ft
      • Small-parts turntable has room for 12 cabinets
      • The storage bin turntable unit takes up only 6.9 sq ft
      • Stirage bin turntable has room for 16 cabinets
      • Up to 720/256 drawers, and the possibility for more than 1,000 compartments
      • The units are sturdy and stay in place; the load capacity is 880 lbs/1764 lbs
      • Easy to assemble; some models can even be put together without tools
      • Models with ESD protection are also available

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