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    About Treston

    Established in 1969, Treston stands out as a world leader in producing ergonomic workstation solutions designed for various demanding industrial and technical environments. Treston has built a strong reputation, earning the trust of over 15,000 customers globally, with clientele spanning a diverse range of industries, from high-tech electronics and heavy industry to logistics, luxury workshops, and even the educational and public sectors. By offering intelligent, adaptable, ergonomic industrial workspace solutions, Treston caters to the individual needs of workers and meets the evolving demands of business processes.

    Treston + CE3S Workspace Configurator

    Our free Treston 3D Configurator is a dynamic tool for crafting custom workspaces. Accessible via a mobile device or desktop, this user-friendly configurator is completely browser-based, allowing our clients to construct their designs in real time, offering a complete 360-degree view of their custom workspace. Once a design is finalized, users can send themselves a detailed PDF containing a list of required products with the option to request a quote for the selected items.

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    FiFo Flow Rack

    Treston FiFo Flow Rack is a flexible shelving, storage and picking solution. Brings the items from the warehouse nearby the production, assembly or packing station.

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    Spacemisers – Rotating Bin Cabinets

    Freestanding turntable rotating bin cabinets take up very little floor space, but help maximize the capacity to store different kinds of parts.

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    Tower Storage and Workstation Unit

    Adaptable and customizable, suits various settings such as vehicle assembly lines, service departments, and tasks needing mobile storage and workspace.

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    Tool Storage System

    The tool storage system, featuring a robust frame and perforated panels, occupies only 21.52 sq ft while offering at least 172 sq ft of tool and item storage.

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