WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor with Standard Remotes

SCS / WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor with Standard Remotes

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      SCS WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor with Standard Remotes

      The WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor with Standard Remotes and Ethernet Output is a comprehensive solution for monitoring the path-to-ground integrity of two operators, work surfaces, and metal tools. This dual workstation continuous monitor is designed to meet the stringent ANSI/ESD S20.20 standards, ensuring reliable performance in environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is crucial. It features Ethernet connectivity that allows for network communication through the Static Management Program (SMP), facilitating the collection and analysis of various ESD-related data such as operator resistance and mat resistance. Additionally, it incorporates digital signal processing technology that applies an ultra-low test voltage, making it suitable for handling sensitive components.

      This system also highlights operator body voltage detection and EMI monitoring on metal grounds to prevent potential damage to ESD susceptible items. Alarms notify the presence of dangerous voltage or high-frequency noise that could cause electrical overstress (EOS). The package includes a monitor and two remote terminals, which can be strategically placed up to 10 feet away. These terminals are equipped with jacks for both monitored operators and unmonitored visitors. Furthermore, the device features a replaceable dual-wire operator jack and supports a range of dual-wire wrist straps. It is powered by a 100-240VAC adapter compatible with various global electrical standards and proudly made in the USA, ensuring availability and quality assurance.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • Continuously monitors two operators and tools
      • Ethernet connectivity for network communication
      • Ultra-low test voltage for handling sensitive components
      • Alarms for voltage and high-frequency noise detection
      • Includes monitor and two remote terminals
      • Replaceable dual-wire operator jack
      • Compatible with global electrical standards
      • Made in the USA

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