WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor with Big Brother Remotes

SCS / WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor with Big Brother Remotes

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      SCS WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor with Big Brother Remotes

      The WS Aware Dual-Wire Monitor with Big Brother Remotes and Ethernet Output offers a sophisticated system for continuous monitoring of electrostatic discharge (ESD) compliance across two workstations. It ensures the path-to-ground integrity of two operators, their work surfaces, and metal tools is continuously maintained, aligning with ANSI/ESD S20.20 requirements. The system’s integration with the Static Management Program (SMP) via Ethernet allows for the efficient gathering and management of critical data like operator and mat resistance, enhancing ESD safety protocols. Additionally, the inclusion of digital signal processing technology applies a minimal test voltage (0.05V) for the safe handling of ESD-sensitive components, ensuring optimal protection and minimal risk.

      Key features include operator body voltage detection and EMI monitoring, which alarm against unsafe voltage levels and high-frequency noise that could lead to equipment damage. The system’s design includes two remote terminals equipped with the Big Brother sensor technology, which actively detects the presence of an operator and ensures proper grounding through connected wrist straps, thereby preventing ungrounded contact with susceptible items. These remote terminals can be installed up to ten feet away, offering flexibility in workspace design. The monitor and its components are designed for ease of use, featuring replaceable operator jacks that do not require soldering for changes, and compatibility with various dual-wire wrist straps.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • Ensures ESD compliance for two workstations
      • SMP integration for real-time ESD data collection
      • Low voltage digital signal processing for component safety
      • Includes innovative Big Brother sensor technology
      • Flexible installation with extendable remote terminals
      • Supports easy maintenance with replaceable jacks
      • NIST calibrated for trusted performance

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