Power Relay for WS Aware Monitor

SCS / Power Relay for WS Aware Monitor

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      SCS Power Relay for WS Aware Monitor

      The Power Relay for WS Aware Monitor is an essential accessory for enhancing the functionality and safety of workplace environments that use the WS Aware Monitor. This relay-controlled power strip features four outlets: two that are normally off, one that is normally on, and one that remains always on, allowing for versatile control of power to workbenches, hand tools, and other electronic devices based on the WS Aware Monitor’s status. It’s designed to integrate seamlessly with both the 770067 and 770068 models of the WS Aware Monitor, making it a flexible solution for managing electrical power in sensitive work areas.

      In terms of safety and durability, the Power Relay incorporates several protective features. It offers 3 kV optical isolation, relay hysteresis, and de-bounce protection to eliminate shock hazards, prevent relay chatter, and extend the life of the contacts. Additionally, a 3600 W Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) clamps surges to ensure a clean power supply between 90-140 VAC, while a 12 A thermal circuit breaker helps prevent electrical overloads, enhancing overall safety. The device is equipped with a North American power cord and is compatible with standard North American electrical systems, ensuring easy implementation and reliable performance in a variety of settings.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • Relay-controlled with four outlets for device management
      • Enhanced safety with optical isolation and surge protection
      • Compatible with 770067 and 770068 WS Aware Monitors
      • North American power cord for standard compatibility

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