MicroCare 3M Novec™ Replacement Fluids

MicroCare / 3M Novec™ Replacement Fluids

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    MicroCare 3M Novec Replacement Fluids

    As 3M Novec™ Specialty Fluids phase-out by 2025, it’s important to think about the transition to alternatives now. MicroCare offers replacement fluids for 3M Novec™ Specialty Fluids. We’ve already been supplying 3M Novec™ fluid alternatives for years.

    Don’t wait for a global shortage. Start planning your change-over now with MicroCare. We can help you with advice on fluid choices, process controls and equipment modifications.

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    Formulated & Produced in USA

    Novec™ replacements, produced in New Britain, CT, are globally available for immediate shipment. These fluids offer low GWPs, low VOCs, and zero ODPs, supporting reduction of greenhouse gases and compliance with air quality regulations.

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    Tech Advice, Support & Training

    We provide comprehensive support and training during your fluid transition for minimal disruption. Our lab chemists offer contamination analysis, conduct cleaning tests, and help optimize your cleaning methods for cost-efficient results.

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    Record of Cleaning Effectiveness

    MicroCare cleaning fluids, proven to match or surpass Novec™ performance, effectively clean various soils and are compatible with most surfaces, including delicate materials.

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    Support After The Sale

    With over 360 years of combined cleaning experience, our experts understand cleaning solvents, equipment, and substrates dynamics. We offer continuous troubleshooting and expert advice on your cleaning methods.

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    Vapor Degreasing Fluids

    MicroCare solvents, as near-drop-in replacements for Novec™ fluids, require minimal changes to your vapor degreaser. Many are nonflammable azeotropes, enhancing safety. We assist in validating and fine-tuning your replacement fluid choice.

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    Aerosol Cleaning Fluids

    MicroCare provides diverse, powerful replacement fluids for electronics cleaning, removing various soils such as oil, grease, and adhesives, including heavy-duty and VOC-free options.

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