MicroCare Products

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    About MicroCare

    MicroCare is a prominent provider of cleaning, coating, and lubricating fluids with over 35 years of experience addressing critical cleaning challenges for various industries. The company, including its sub-brands MicroCare Medical, Sticklers, and Stereze, focuses on the formulation and blending of fluids utilized in the manufacturing, installing, and use of products across multiple sectors. These sectors include electronics, medical device manufacturing, fiber optics, metal finishing, industrial maintenance, and infection prevention.

    MicroCare’s products are designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements while being sustainable, reflecting the company’s commitment to safeguarding people and the environment. The company culture fosters innovation and growth among its employees while demonstrating deep care for the communities they are part of​​.

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    Universal Flux Remover

    Universal Flux Remover is an ozone-safe, nonflammable PCB cleaner with ultra-low environmental impact, compatible with TriggerGrip™ and StatZAP™ tools.

    PowerClean Lead Free Flux Remover

    PowerClean™ Lead Free Flux Remover offers potent PCB cleaning with a mild aroma and minimal scrubbing required, yet isn’t suitable for heated systems. It’s compatible with TriggerGrip™ and StatZAP™ tools.

    3M Novec™ Replacement Fluids

    As 3M Novec™ Specialty Fluids are phasing out by 2025, MicroCare urges early planning for alternatives. They offer replacement fluids and provide advice on fluid selection and process adjustments. Contact MicroCare now to avoid future shortages.