DESCO Static Shielding Bags

DESCO / DESCO Static Shielding Bags

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    DESCO Static Shielding Bags Overview

    Desco Static Shielding Bags offer a reliable solution for the safe storage and transportation of electrostatic sensitive devices. These bags are designed with a unique construction, featuring a static dissipative outer layer, an aluminum shielding middle layer, and an anti-static inner layer. This ensures that sensitive components are protected from both electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference. Furthermore, Desco’s Static Shielding Bags are durable and resistant to tears and punctures, ensuring the safekeeping of the enclosed items. They are also translucent, allowing for easy identification of the contents. With Desco’s commitment to quality and compliance with industry standards, these shielding bags are an ideal choice for protecting your sensitive electronic components.

    DESCO Static Shielding Bag Features

    • Protects electrostatic sensitive devices
    • Unique three-layer construction
    • Provides protection from electrostatic discharge
    • Provides protection from electromagnetic interference
    • Durable and resistant to tears and punctures
    • Translucent material allows for easy identification of contents
    • Complies with industry standards

    We have a great DESCO Static Shield bag selecting tool available on our ecommerce site, Production Supply Store, allowing you to browse available bags by size and type. Go here to start browsing!

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