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      DESCO Mini Monitor

      DESCO’s ESD mini monitor features an illuminated enclosure that enhances safety and efficiency in the workplace by using a color-coded system to show grounding status: green indicates a secure ground connection for both the operator and the work surface, red signals a grounding failure, and blue shows when the operator port is unoccupied. This high visibility is crucial, especially because operators wearing headphones may not hear the audible alarms. The Mini Monitor’s quick response time of less than 50 milliseconds ensures operators are immediately aware if the wrist strap or work surface loses its ground connection, making sure continuity is maintained. Additionally, the ParkSnap™ feature allows operators to disconnect and park the wristband without triggering false alarms, providing a smooth process for equipment changes. The monitor also utilizes Wave Distortion Technology, which applies a continuous low-voltage signal to detect discontinuities in the circuit, making sure operations are maintained with minimal false alarms and enhancing overall workplace safety.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • High visibility: Illuminated enclosure shows grounding status. Green for secure ground connection. Red for grounding failure. Blue for unoccupied operator port.
      • Quick response time: Alarm response in less than 50 milliseconds. Immediate notification of wrist strap or work surface grounding issues.
      • ParkSnap™: Allows disconnection and parking of wristband without false alarms. Smooth process for equipment changes.
      • Wave Distortion Technology: Continuous low-voltage signal detects circuit discontinuities. Minimal false alarms. Enhanced workplace safety.

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