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    AIM Bar Solder

    AIM Solder offers a wide range of high-quality alloys and chemistries to the electronics industry. With their proprietary Electropure™ process, AIM produces low drossing and low oxide solder alloys which address issues common in the PCB assembly industry. The alloys are available in various forms, including paste, wire, and bar.

    Achieving zero defect wave soldering depends on consistent solder quality. Contaminants and high oxide levels can cause a multitude of wave soldering defects like bridging, projections, and poor wetting. To tackle these issues, AIM provides high-purity, low-drossing solder bar alloys that exceed IPC, JEDEC, and IEC standards.

    AIM’s Electropure™ bar solder undergoes a special process, crafted from high-quality virgin metals, that eliminates contaminants and minimizes dissolved oxides. This method results in a highly pure, low-drossing solder bar that promotes throughput and reduces defects.

    A comparison study of dross generation was conducted using 500 pounds of each alloy type heated in a wave solder pot at 500°F for 6 hours, with de-drossing performed every 3 hours. At the end of the test, the amount of dross from each type of solder was weighed. The results showed AIM’s bar solder to have significantly lower drossing compared to competing brands.

    • SAC305 – The industry standard: High purity, low dross, suited for all soldering applications.
    • REL61 – SMT & Wave: One Alloy That does it All: Low-silver, low-cost alternative for SAC305 with drop-in performance.
    • SNC100C – The original Silver-Free SAC305 Replacement: Backed by 20 years of industry experience.
    • SN63/PB37 – AIM’s Electropure Sn/Pb Bar Solder: High purity, reduces drossing and exceeds IPC J-STD-006 specifications.

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