PACE IR4100 Infrared BGA and SMD Rework Station

Pace / IR4100 Infrared BGA and SMD Rework Station

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      IR4100 Infrared BGA and SMD Rework Station

      The PACE IR4100 emerges as an all-encompassing solution for the effortless installation and removal of a wide array of SMDs including BGA, QFN, μBGA/CSP, and Flip Chip, to name a few. It combines a potent 500W infrared top heater with a comprehensive 1900W bottom preheater setup, which includes a 1000W main heater and six 150W peripheral heaters, guaranteeing uniform and efficient heat distribution across the board. This system stands out by eliminating the need for nozzles, streamlining the reworking process. It features an advanced IR pyrometer that enables precise, non-contact temperature monitoring, ensuring real-time, accurate temperature control throughout the reflow process. The inclusion of a Sodr-Cam Reflow Camera allows for live monitoring of the reflow process, offering an unprecedented level of transparency and control over the operation.

      Also, the IR4100 is designed to accommodate large PCBs, measuring up to 24 inches square, with ease. It’s equipped with six independently controlled peripheral bottom heaters, allowing users to finely tune their heating profiles without the worry of accidentally reflowing nearby components. The system’s unique Board Support Beam plays a crucial role in preventing board warping or sagging during the heating process, ensuring that the integrity of your work is maintained from start to finish. Enhanced with user-friendly, Windows-based software, the IR4100 simplifies complex rework tasks with an intuitive interface that supports multi-stage profiling, on-the-fly adjustments, flux-dipping, and unlimited profile storage, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking to streamline their reworking processes.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • Non-Contact IR Pyrometer
      • Ultra-High Precision Placement Capability
      • High Sensitivity Vacuum Pick
      • Sodr-Cam Reflow Camera
      • Height Adjustable Bottom-Side Preheater
      • High-Definition Optical Alignment System
      • Quad-Field Imaging for Large/Fine Pitch BGA’s
      • Integrated Board Support Beam
      • Power Distribution Graph
      • Sensor Offset
      • 24″ x 24″ (610mm x 610mm) Board Holder
      • 6 Independently Controlled Peripheral Bottom Heaters
      • Made in the USA

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