PACE ARM-EVAC 250 Microprocessor Controlled Fume Extraction

Pace / ARM-EVAC 250 Microprocessor Controlled Fume Extraction

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      ARM-EVAC 250 Microprocessor Controlled Fume Extraction

      When you’re in the market for a system capable of handling the rigors of heavy-duty operations with a need for high-capacity, continuous particle filtering, the PACE ARM-EVAC 250 emerges as a standout solution. This system integrates advanced microprocessor technology with a user-friendly graphical LED display to indicate filter status, transitioning smoothly from green to yellow to red as filters become clogged, ensuring you remain informed about your system’s performance without having to guess. Its innovative design includes flow sensors that automatically adjust motor power as filters start to block, maintaining optimal performance effortlessly. Control is simplified with a membrane keypad for easy calibration and a three-position motor speed button, both located on the front panel for convenience. An audible alarm provides a clear signal when it’s time for a filter change, preventing any operational downtime. The system’s adaptability is further enhanced by a wide selection of collection accessories and filters, allowing for a customized setup to meet specific needs. Additionally, an optional silencer and mobile cart offer solutions for noise-sensitive environments and the need for mobility, making the ARM-EVAC 250 a versatile and reliable choice for ensuring efficient operations across a variety of demanding settings.

      Important Notice:

      PACE Fume Extraction Systems are designed for and intended to be used in PCB Assembly and Rework application, specifically for flux fume and other benchtop rework application. While PACE Fume Extraction Systems provide excellent, localized fume extraction of dust particles from acrylic and other materials during handheld drilling, milling or grinding operations as well as reduction of odors from the limited us of adhesives, solvents and other materials, currently available filters are not designed for extraction of high-moisture content aerosols nor designed to lessen or eliminate biohazards which may be present in medical/dental applications. Hence, consistent, proper use of appropriate PPE and other preventive/protective measures for COVID-19 and other pathogens, as recommended by the CDC and other governmental authorities, remains essential.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • Easy to read LED Filter Condition Monitor
      • Self-calibrating
      • Intelligent air flow compensation
      • Two 3 Inch Inlets
      • Low Noise Level (58 dBA)
      • Can be fitted with a Mobile Cart/Silencer
      • Numerous Filtration Options (HEPA Filter, Extended Life Filter, Economy Filter)
      • Multiple Configuration Options to Suit Your Work Space
      • Has ESD Safe Flex-Arm Option

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