ARM-EVAC 150 Digital Fume Extractor with SteadyFlex Arm

Pace / Arm-Evac 150 Digital Fume Extractor

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      ARM-EVAC 150 Digital Fume Extractor with SteadyFlex Arm

      In today’s work environment, the presence of unsafe particles and gases not only leads to more people calling in sick, but also increases the chances of employees leaving, raises worker’s compensation claims, and causes a drop in productivity. Instead of relying on expensive centralized air purifiers, why not tackle the problem directly at its source? The PACE ARM-EVAC® 150 is designed to do just that. It’s the perfect solution for capturing hazardous fumes right where they’re generated. Whether you’re working on benchtop soldering, electronic adjustments, using handheld tools, or occasionally working with solvents and adhesives, this system is tailored for light to medium-duty industrial tasks. The ARM-EVAC 150 System is not only affordable but also comes fully equipped with a self-supporting SteadyFlex ESD-Safe Arm/Nozzle, a Wireless Remote Control, and a comprehensive 3-stage filtration system, providing everything necessary for a single operator to get started immediately. This approach not only makes the workplace safer but also enhances efficiency and reduces operational costs by addressing air quality issues head-on, ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.

      Important Notice:

      PACE Fume Extraction Systems are designed for and intended to be used in PCB Assembly and Rework application, specifically for flux fume and other benchtop rework application. While PACE Fume Extraction Systems provide excellent, localized fume extraction of dust particles from acrylic and other materials during handheld drilling, milling or grinding operations as well as reduction of odors from the limited us of adhesives, solvents and other materials, currently available filters are not designed for extraction of high-moisture content aerosols nor designed to lessen or eliminate biohazards which may be present in medical/dental applications. Hence, consistent, proper use of appropriate PPE and other preventive/protective measures for COVID-19 and other pathogens, as recommended by the CDC and other governmental authorities, remains essential.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • SteadyFlex™ ESD-Safe Arm/Nozzle Assembly included
      • Low profile, compact unit fits under most benches
      • Fume Extraction for up to 2 operators (additional SteadyFlex™ Arm required)
      • Reliable, brushless motor pump does not require costly routine maintenance
      • Superior performance and quiet operation
      • Low cost, easily changed, disposable filter cartridges
      • Comes with Wireless Remote Controller (CR2025 Battery not included)
      • Filter Condition Monitor & Alarm alerts user of blockage or need to change filter
      • 10 air flow speed settings
      • LED Motor Speed Indicator
      • Time Set feature automatically shut unit off
      • Control Panel Lock prevents unauthorized alteration of settings
      • Total Run Time Counter displays hours machine has been in use
      • Wide variety of filter options to meet virtually any application

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