PACE ARM-EVAC 105 Fume Extractor

Pace / ARM EVAC 105

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      ARM-EVAC 105 Fume Extractor

      Offering unparalleled safety from harmful fumes without breaking the bank, the ARM-EVAC 105 stands out with its blend of portability and compact design, making it a breeze to integrate into any workspace whether placed atop or beneath a workbench. This unit prides itself on a durable, maintenance-free brushless motor that promises longevity and reliability. Its advanced filtration system is meticulously crafted, starting with a pre-filter that expertly captures coarse particles, followed by a High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor (HEPA)/Gas Filter Cartridge that ensures the air you breathe is clean and safe. For those who might find themselves using only one flex-arm, an inlet cap is thoughtfully included to close off the unused inlet, maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. While flex-arms, hoses, nozzles, and other accessories are available for purchase separately, this setup provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining a healthy work environment. Tailored for customers seeking a straightforward, effective way to protect themselves from airborne contaminants, the ARM-EVAC 105 delivers exceptional performance and ease of use in one seamless package.

      Product Features and Highlights

      • Portable, light and compact
      • Maintenance-free brushless motor
      • Low noise level (55 dBA)
      • Multiple configuration options to suit your work space
      • Has ESD Safe Flex-Arm Option

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