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      Tool Reconditioning Service

      CE3S and Excelta offer a comprehensive precision tool reconditioning service, catering to all brands and styles of precision hand tools. Our partnership excels at restoring your tools to their original specifications, regardless of where you purchased them. This service is efficient and cost-effective, allowing you to refurbish your hand tools for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones. By reconditioning your tools, you extend their life, saving you the expense of purchasing new equipment.

      Importantly, if we determine that your tool is beyond repair, you will not be charged, and the tool will be returned to you at no cost. Please be aware that tools with broken tips, severely chipped blades, broken handles, or broken joints will be automatically rejected.

      We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, usually returning your refurbished and repaired tools to you in as little as four weeks.

      Service Features and Highlights

      • Reconditioning for all brands and styles of precision hand tools
      • Repair and refurbishment at a cost-effective rate
      • No-charge policy for unrepairable tools
      • Fast turnaround, typically within four weeks
      • Sharpen dull, chipped and unregistered cutting blades
      • Realign and repair joints
      • Replace worn and/or damaged grips
      • Replace broken and/or damaged springs
      • Lubricate and buff when applicable
      • Upgrade grips and handles to be static dissipative and ESD safe

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      At CE3S, your success drives ours. Having served businesses with quality products and strategic solutions since 1962, we’re not just a supplier but a long-term partner. If you’re interested in a hands-on experience with our products, please use the ‘Request a Sample’ form. You can also request a demo to see this product in action. We want you to experience why so many businesses turn to CE3S for efficiency, and reliable products and solutions.