Chemtronics Flux-Off Tri-V

Chemtronics / Flux-Off Tri-V

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    Chemtronics Flux-Off Tri-V

    Flux-Off Tri-V Flux Remover is an extra strength, nonflammable solvent designed for heavy and encrusted flux deposits removal. Engineered to remove all flux types, this innovative solvent evaporates quickly and leaves no residues, making it an optimal n-propyl bromide, TCE or any ozone-depleting compounds replacement.


    • Chip Carriers
    • Heat Sinks
    • Metal Housings and Chassis
    • Printed Circuit Boards
    • Plugs, Relays and Contacts
    • Sockets and Surface Mount Device Pads
    • Switches

    Features & Benefits:

    • Nonflammable, suitable for use on energized equipment
    • Effectively removes R, RA, RMA, and synthetic fluxes
    • Removes encrusted fluxes and white residues
    • Penetrates to clean hard-to-reach areas
    • Evaporates quickly, leaving no residues
    • Does not contain n-propyl bromide, trichloroethylene, or perchloroethylene
    • Stabilized for metals, noncorrosive

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